Display Stands
Attractive and modern designs using various materials are used for freestanding display stands. Our acrylic bender has the capability to bend up to 10mm acrylic in thickness & with a width of 1200mm. 
These display stands can either be illuminated or non illuminated.
Innovative materials in the building industry made it possible to create new signage to compliment the facade of the new building as a block. Composites aluminium is used to create cladding panels to cover facades creating different designs and forms in light weight.
Using our specializes machinery which are capable to cut in 3 dimensional makes it possible to create prototype models. PVC materials are used to create different levels on designs provided by architects & designers reaching the highest expectations of the customers.
Backboards and Stands
The most flexible and convenient systems for temporary displays are without doubt the compact backboards and stands. Backboards comes in a size of 400 x 300cm when opens but when closed occupies a space of a travelling bag.
Directional Signs
Way finding signs or as better known directional signs are most commonly used in front of large buildings, industrial parks, hospitals etc. These types of signs are a combination of either a single or multi panel fixed between two poles.
Engravings are part of the vast services that the firm offer. The most common materials used for engravings are acrylic, two ply laminated plastics, wood & brass.
Indoor Illuminated
These signs are normally used to define a section or specific   product inside a building. These can be either single or double sided with an aluminium profile & acrylic panels. Another range of such signs are manufactured from poly carbonate.
Outdoor Illuminated
A wide range of signs falls under this section which is continuously evolving by creating new designs and concepts, putting us the leaders of innovative signs in the market.
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