CNC router cutting

CNC router cutting is a specialized high-tech state of the art machine that has the ability to create and manufacture items or products that other types of CNC cutting machinery cannot achieve. Other then this the CNC router cutting machine has the ability to manufacture in 3 dimensional format.

Sign Services had primarily invested in CNC router cutting machinery to fulfil the needs of the customers. Professional personnel are using the years of past experience to create innovative products and services in this sector. CNC router cutting machinery can be used to cut in precision different materials same of which are plastics, all kinds of wood and soft metals such as brass, copper and machinable aluminium.

Our CNC machinery is capable to cut up to 305 x 215cm sheets. The machine is equipped with an automatic tool changer which makes it easy to use different tools to finish a specific job to the highest expectations.


Abrasive water jet cutting

After the success of introducing the router CNC cutting machine and gaining 6 years experience in using CNC machinery, Sign Services invested in abrasive water jet cutting in its operation to create innovative products and offer its services for the benefit of the customers. Abrasive water jets are fast, flexible, reasonably precise and offer a clean cut. By introducing abrasive water jet system Sign Services can practically fulfil the needs of the customer by cutting all type of materials including glass, marble, metals and any other material. One of the main advantages of abrasive water jet cutting is that a material can be machined without hardening, generating poisonous fumes, re casting or warping. Aero space companies and other specialized firms use this cutting system due to the mentioned advantages.

Sign Services proudly presents abrasive water jet as part of its production system due to the fact that this high tech state of the art machinery is environmental friendly, especially with the strategy adopted by the company of recycling the water involved to make the system work.



Sign Services also offers the services in large format printing. The printing department was lately upgraded with the latest large format printing machinery equipped with Konica Minolta heads. These latest technology heads have the ability to print up to 1400 dpi (14 PL). This newly introduced system has the capability to print an extra large format image in an unbelievable resolution and can go into detail up to photo quality.

The size of the image that can be printed is up to 3.2 meters in width by 50 meters in length. Various materials can be printed such as vinyl, Canvas and micro vision.

Design can either be created and printed in our department or can be supplied and just printed by us.