State of the Art Machinery

Through the years Sign Services has invested in State-of-the-art CNC machinery and software which when combined with our years of experience in the sign manufacturing field define us as unique and original.

Among our range of equipment we pride ourselves of abrasvie water jet machinery capable of cutting glass, marble and metals together with a high-precision CNC router machine capable of cutting plastic, wood, and other soft-metals.


After-sales Services

Other then design, production and installation Sign Services has set up a division for maintaining the products after installation. The firm emphasises with its customers to keep their signage in the original state as this gives an image of their business.

For this reason the company offers a regular maintenance contract based on a defined period of time depending on the nature of the sign and geological position of the installation.


Client Satisfaction

The basis of our operations and the key to our success is our level of customer satisfaction. Sign Services makes significant efforts to continually improve its products and services and reinforcing our quality policy.

We achieve customer satisfaction through efficient business and manufacturing processes, managed and executed by competent people with the right attitude and behaviour promoting our zero defects mindset.